Exterior care.

Protected and with proper care all-round.

Your Mercedes has twice as many reasons to shine. With Mercedes-Benz expert car care its attractive exterior is brilliantly preserved, so that it continues to draw admiring gazes in future, too. At the same time, it will be protected against undesirable environmental influences.

For example against extreme weather conditions. Or iron dust: These fine particles are abraded from rails, overhead cables or industrial dust, and are in the air everywhere. They can be deposited on paint, plastic, chrome and even on glass, where they corrode, forming so-called
"flash rust". Insect remains are also dangerous: owing to their protein content they are hard to remove after drying.

These and many other problems can be solved through regular cleaning and by applying Mercedes-Benz genuine care products. Often the problems can be completely avoided even before they appear. We recommend:

  • Wash and polish the vehicle regularly and frequently
  • Have aggressive deposits removed at a Mercedes-Benz workshop as soon as possible
  • Provide permanent paintwork protection e.g. by applying wax after the car wash or by Mercedes-Benz nano-sealing

Hint: Cleaning the windscreen regularly also protects the
windscreen wipers, that could be affected by
hot wax residues or insect remains. Clean the windscreen wiper blades
in order to ensure their streak-free operation.