Our History

Successful motor trader, NZ Wheels, went for gold and reigned supreme at the 2008 MB SEAwards.

The Malaysian importer and authorized dealer for luxury marquee Mercedes-Benz, NZ Wheels Sdn. Bhd. is banking on its success in the motor trade industry expanded its business and in 2008, its centre in Johor Bahru emerged champion in the MB SEAwards. The icing on the cake also saw NZ Wheels-JB taking home the title of Most Improved Dealer Award.

The MB SEAwards is an honour based on an annual study designed to award dealers who demonstrate After Sales Service Excellence. It not only identifies current levels of dealer performance, but also provides a measurement system for process improvement. The study evaluates dealers on various measurements that affect a customer’s satisfaction with their most recent service experience at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

The Service Excellence Awards (SEA) Score is composed of three measures. These are - The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Percentage Fixed First Visit (FFV) and Mystery Shop Technical Audit (MSTA) Score. One of the focal components of the SEA score is the J.D Power Asia Pacific Customer Satisfaction Index whereby a consumer-driven measure of the overall satisfaction is based on the most recent experience with the dealer’s service.

Within the CSI lies six individual factors which are evaluated before proceeding to the next measure, each, describing a unique element that affects customer satisfaction during the service experience. These factors are – Service Initiation, Service Advisor, In-Service Experience, Service delivery, Service quality and Customer Oriented Service.

Following the CSI, comes the second component of the SEA Score, the percentage Fixed-First Visit or FFV which is measured as a part of the main CSI study, The third and final component of the SEA score is the Mystery Shop Technical Audit (MSTA). The Mystery Shop Technical Audit evaluates a dealership’s thoroughness and completeness in performing routine service jobs. With increasing service through-puts, it has become the more imperative to consistently endow the highest quality of service.

A customer’s vehicle is sent to the dealership for a routine service with five pre-specified defects and without dealer’s prior knowledge. At the end of the service, marks are awarded to each dealer based on the number of defects detected out of the one installed.

It is no surprise to see why NZ Wheels was honoured this prestigious award as it has become the norm at NZ Wheels to satisfy its customers with top notch service everyday at any hour.