The guarantee of quality. Only with Proven Exclusivity.

Introducing a seal that offers you exclusivity, quality and value like no other - Proven Exclusivity. When it comes to purchasing a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, this seal sets us apart from the rest. It offers you a convenient way to purchase a full range of Mercedes-Benz cars, all at impeccable condition.

Move ahead with a shining star that still shines as bright as ever today.

  • Full range of vehicles no older than 6 years with no identifiable structural damage
  • Low mileage below 125,000km

Trust in one smart package

We understand that the passion of driving a Mercedes-Benz lies in the confidence you have when you are behind the wheel. That’s why with Proven Exclusivity, you will have almost no inkling that a vehicle did not just come straight off the assembly line.

For starters, every car undergoes a thorough multi-point inspection (over 200 check points) and certification by trained technicians. And in the rare case where a part has to be replaced, only original parts are used.

Peace of mind for the road ahead

The promise of Proven Exclusivity offers you something that few others can — total assurance. Every vehicle comes with a minimum 12-month limited waranty extension with unlimited mileage over and above manufacturer warranty.

Plus, should you encounter a problem during that period, we promise a hassle-free service experience with no questions asked. And for emergencies, you can also access our 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service**.

All this gives you unrivalled peace of mind as you venture on the road ahead.

Fair value

Proven Exclusivity also provides something that’s hard to come by these days — a fair value for your current car. We make it convenient should you need to trade-in your current car. Our trained personnel will make a professional and fair appraisal of your car’s value. After we help you trade-in your car easily, your heart and mind can choose a Mercedes-Benz with the guarantee of Proven Exclusivity.

Live the dream of a shining star today

Proven Exclusivity offers you the chance to own a shining star in one smart package. It’s all you need to take advantage of the chance to drive a Mercedes-Benz that's almost as good as brand new, all with the convenience and value that few can provide.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit us and see our impressive line of vehicles for yourself today.